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  • December, 2017- Issue-45 - Begum Bilkees Latif
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My Amma, who is known to the world as Begum Bilkees Latif, passed away on October 27, 2017 at Apollo hospital. A loving wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother, Amma was the most humble and generous lady I have ever known; the most caring, loving, and gracious woman.
She believed in all religions, the unity of mankind and dignity of all human beings. Her collection of Lord Ganesh in different mediums, the Sri Krishna Tanjore painting at the entrance of her home says a thousand words of her belief in all faiths and communal harmony.
Often, in the middle of the afternoon when my father-in-law was resting she would use that little free time to create culinary masterpieces...and in the morning, while sitting with him, she would stitch borders onto her sarees. She was creative, artistic, and designed her own clothes. Things that others would normally discard, she would use to create objects of art.
Always well-groomed—dressed with her hair neatly in place and properly done right from the morning, her sense of style and taste was extraordinary.
Always concerned for the underprivileged, ready to help anyone in need...In her last few years, though she walked and moved her right arm with difficulty, but disregarding all pain she made sure she was continuously in the slums to help those in need. Never concerned about her own health and comfort, she always thought of others first. She was always worried about my health and prayed for me not mentioning how she was feeling, never complaining about anything.
Read about what Laila Tyabji, Maneck Davar, Shalini Sharma, Dr Usha S. Naik, Chhaya Momaya, Namita A. Shrivastav, and Vishwaveer Singh, have to say about her, in Cover Story.  
Our Feature this month is also very special as it’s our Hotels special that my son, Rahim Latif, has written. As every year, we have put together the 17 best hotels in the world that are sure to leave you amazed. From their extravagant interiors to immaculate service and even their great selection of food and beverages, these hotels offer nothing but the best.
Turn to People where we have fashion designer Ramona Narang and the brainchild of Delhi’s famous patisseries L’Opera, Christine Samandari talk about their work and how they balance their personal and professional life.
Last but not least, take a look at Wedding Moments where we have snapshots of Naga Chaitanya and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s big day, and also pictures from Anuj Kolly and Hasini Boinipally’s sangeet and reception.
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