Understanding the under-rated treasure of content marketing: Links in SEO

Including links is possibly one of the most underrated treasures for SEO and content marketing. Just as keyword research and their placement play a key role in SEO, the same goes with links for SEO, content marketing and on-page optimization.

Many of you are aware of including links on their content and pages. But how many of you are aware of how these links can benefit the page SEO and help in gaining traffic?

Links are a key factor when it comes to the ranking of a webpage.

What is a link?

A link or a hyperlink is a clickable object on your webpage or anywhere in your content. It leads the reader from one page to another. These links can appear in the form of text, images and buttons.

Always remember, if you want your content to rank, it needs links. 

Importance of Links in SEO

Search engines find you easily:

Always remember the thumb rule: Google follows links. Period.

As a search engine, links play a key role while they are crawling through your content. A page with several links (internal or external) is prioritized by search engines. Thus, including links helps a lot for your site ad content to be recognized and visible on search engines.

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Boosts up your SEO

There are several factors that one needs to consider for the SEO of your website and content. Along with keyword analysis, placement, images, videos and more, including links is a vital part of SEO. A page or article with several links in it is considered as a high-value piece of content in terms of SEO and search engines.

People reach you easily:

The calculation is simple with the web content! You reach the search engines and the people will find you ultimately. Being on the top results of various search engines for targeted keywords is the key. With an insightful excerpt, attractive images, important links and useful content, people reach your content easily.

Links build trust:

In today’s digital world, you will find plenty of content regarding every topic that you search for. However, the readers are looking for content that is trustworthy, credible and comes with a certain authority. Including links in your content is good for building trust among your readers. When you include links that redirect the users to other useful pages, it gives them assurance regarding your work. It helps in developing a relationship with them so that they will visit again. 

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Links for SEO help in marketing:

Links for SEO can be a great way of marketing. Let’s say a reader on your article is looking for a certain product/ service that you have already linked in the article. Relevant content with relevant links is a great way to market your products/ services and let everyone know about it in the content section itself. Always remember that right links at right places can grow your traffic and ultimately your business.

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There are three types of links for SEO

Internal Links: Links going from one page to another page in the same domain or a site. These links are basically useful in creating a hierarchy and navigation.

Inbound Links: Inbound links are links that come from other websites or a different domain. 

Outbound Links: External or Outbound links are the links on your website that are used to link out to websites of different domain.

Note: Creating a link is great, however, using anchor text with focused keywords in the links adds up more value.

Now that you know the importance of links for SEO, start implementing the same in your content soon.

Do you have any more tips to optimize your content for the web? Mention it in the comments section for all the readers!

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