Mobile App Personalization- The Ultimate Key to Gain Loyal Users

Mobile App Personalization

Mobile apps are more than making lives easy for people these days. Mobile apps are more about relevance and brand value for the users. Let me ask you a quick question. How many apps are introduced to PlayStore every day?

Well, you can’t come with a definite number. There are just too many apps coming daily.

So what is the key for your business to keep new users coming and existing users intact for your mobile app?

The answer lies in three magical words. Mobile App Personalization.

Technology has made our daily lives so easy that we all want the easiest ways to get things done. The same applies to mobile apps installed on our phones. App Personalization is a prominent factor that every business owner must take care of. Let us consider a scenario. Let’s say your mobile app received thousands of installs in an hour. That’s dope, isn’t it?

But in the very next hour, more than 75% of these users uninstalled their apps. Well, this sounds like a nightmare.

Now you might wonder why this happened! The answer is simple, your mobile app doesn’t make your users happy with the overall experience. It may be the navigation, the colours, the login options and many more. There is no alternative to mobile app personalization.

What does mobile app personalization include in general?

Anything and everything that can make the overall user experience better is included in mobile app personalization. Majorly it includes the likes and dislikes of a user. You can send push notifications, offers, discounts, set personalized colour & theme customization and more.

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Perks of creating a personalized app for your users:

Higher User Retention-

What would you like if you were using an app? Write down the points that you might like and dislike in an app. For example, nobody likes an app that takes forever to load. With several apps in the app stores, you need to stand out of the crowd for convincing users to choose your app. This is where the mobile app personalization comes in picture. Providing a personalized experience with various recommendations, offers and more. If there are users uninstalling apps right after their first use, it certainly means that many apps are still not personalized. Make the most of this opportunity.

Brand Loyalty and Awareness-

Follow a simple mantra, make your customers feel special and they will be loyal. With personalized apps, brand loyalty can highly increase as the customer chooses to make multiple purchases. They even recommend the app to their friends and family, thus spreading the word of mouth. Hence, focus on mobile app personalization. Your customers will join you in taking care of your existence and marketing.

Customized Experience-

The internet is full of content you want to see. However, it comes along with content that you just don’t want to consume. A happy user is the one who gets to see the content of his/ her choice. Apps that examines the behaviour of users and delivers content according to their preferences can help with user retention. Always remember that users love the customized experience. 

Let's say your user loves sports updates. If he is not coming back to the app for a long period of time, just send them the latest sports updates via notifications. However, be careful not to flood the user with notifications. Our strategy is to make them come back to the app and not to annoy them.

Better Engagement-

Achieving better engagement requires an important thing, you have to think like a user. Nobody likes talking to a bot, isn’t it? But if your app gives a more humanly feel to the users, they feel engaged. Your end goal is to sell your products. So how about sending personalized offers, coupons and more to users? Let them know how important they are for you. It’s a simple equation. Give the people what they want, just add a pinch of uniqueness. 

Readwhere CMS mobile app personalization strategies:

Readwhere Complete Mobile Solution (CMS) takes pride in being a platform that helps many of the top brands in India with mobile app personalization. Taking care of the needs of the end-users as well as the business owners like news publishers, the personalization is managed. End users get customized content on the front end. Similarly, publishers enjoy personalization for their portal. 

Visit Readwhere CMS and get your mobile app personalization strategy developed.

Take a look at some of the app personalization strategies implemented and features delivered by Readwhere CMS.

Mobile App Personalization over the Frontend:

My News Section-

Users can select categories for which the articles are listed under the My News section. The users can select their preferences from the settings tab/icon mentioned in the section. The feature is enhanced further with the capabilities of analysing the user reading pattern on the app. 

News for Me-

It's a fully personalized/ dedicated screen including my news section with personalized greetings. Further, it also includes weather reports, horoscope and much more. The section is a combination of multiple categories listed one after the other.  It is totally based on the user reading behaviour, along with categories curated with articles. Moreover, it uses AI and ML-based technology like Good News, and popular news.

  • Good News: Each article on the platform is scanned for sentiments using our in house built technology and carefully categorized. The articles carrying only positive sentiments are tagged to the Good News section for the users.
  • Popular News: Our real-time analytics tracking technology analyzes the articles which are most read by the active users on the platforms. The popular news section contains the best performing (most read/trending) articles. 

Customizable Home screen-

The Home screen of the app is totally customizable from the backend. It provides options to change the sequence of the sections, add/remove sections, add/remove widgets on the fly.


The design of the app can be customized through the config, i.e. the publishers can personalize the design in lines to their branding guidelines. We have multiple template-based designs easily configurable on the fly for quick deployment of the products.

Mobile App Personalization on Readwhere Publisher Portal:

Readwhere CMS Publisher portal manages content which is davailable on our developed platforms i.e. Android, and iOS apps, AMP and PWA. The portal is capable of providing a bunch of free as well as premium features to manage all platforms from one single touchpoint.

Menu Reordering-

  • Side/Hamburger Menu:  It is an option to reorder categories displayed on the hamburger menu from the backend. It is available for Android, and iOS apps along with PWA also.
  • Horizontal Menu: The Top horizontal menu of the home page can be reordered from the platform option on the publisher portal. The option is currently available for PWA.


  • Adding Icons: Personalize you Menu with custom-designed icons, which can be uploaded from the publisher portal for each category. The accepted icon dimensions accepted is 50x50 with a max size of 1 MB.
  • Creating Parent and Sub Categories: For each Parent category, publishers can create Subcategories to present articles in a systematic format. The system currently supports subcategories up to 3 levels.

Promoting Categories-

You can promote newly launched categories/ trending categories/ categories during seasons. You can add this to the My News Selection page by turning the toggle button available on the portal. This button provides the users on the frontend to add the category this category too there reading interest. 

Mobile App Personalization with Notifications-

Publishers can personalize the notifications pushed by them to the users by adding/removing the image or by Changing the type of notifications sent to represent them in a different format on the platforms. For example: Choosing a Breaking news notification will represent the notification in a banner format.

Ad Insertion-

Readwhere CMS provides the option to promote direct ads.  Placing the ads at the desired location is possible from the Platform Config available on the Home Page. Publishers can place ad codes at 3 positions for each of the Home, article, and category pages for PWA and AMP. 


Mobile app personalization is one strategy that you should not overshadow. At the end of the day, it is all about revenue generation. Therefore, never forget that people make a purchase when they feel valued and treated specially.

Let us know about your personalization hacks in the comments section.

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