One Unify Toolbar- Engage and earn with seamless content delivery

Are you a publisher who is looking for the best ways to create and share their content with the world? Are you worried that your content is not reaching out to as many people as it should? 

If yes, then you no more need to worry about the content engagement and gaining more users.

Here is the ultimate solution for you by Team Readwhere- RWADX One Unify Toolbar.

With the One Unify widget, publishers can find the best road map for innovative story creation techniques and the best ways to share them with the users in a hassle-free way.

What is RWADX One Unify Toolbar?

One Unify toolbar is created with a focus on the importance of seamless content delivery for every reader and easy ways for content recirculation. This toolbar makes the most of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide the readers with relevant content from the site. It also uses real time analytics to deliver trending news on current affairs. 

Features of  One Unify Toolbar:

  • Trending Content: Efficient way to ensure content recirculation and increase the discovery of actual trending content using AI/ ML techniques along with leveraging real-time analytics and big data.
  • Voice Search: Easy and fast way to search the desired deep link content with the voice search option just like Google’s neutral algorithm.
  • Video Integration: Video content can do wonders in driving the attention of users. With the video integration feature, streaming live TV, various shows, youtube videos and more can be easily managed that further results in better reader engagement.
  • App Promotion: Most of the traffic and content consumption comes from mobile. One of the finest ways to convert casual readers into loyal ones is by providing them easy access to content on a single click. With One Unify, gain more users for your android and iOS apps
  • Epaper: News readers are always looking for more and simple ways to access the content. With the epaper access, the audience can enjoy news content in just one tap without any confusing redirections.
  • Stories creation: Fast loading and full-screen experience with web stories are always helpful in attracting readers. Creating visual stories with engaging animations and tappable interactions just like Instagram can be easily done with One Unify tollbar. 
  • Citizen Journalism: This feature of One Unify toolbar allows you to include your audience as active members in the process of analyzing and reporting unique news information that can be beneficial to the readers. Citizen journalism is a great way to provide a platform to the citizens in voicing their opinions.

Perks of having One Unify Toolbar:

Easier Recirculation: Reaching out to the customers in a way that they remember your brand name can be a difficult task. With the process of recirculation, the customers are often reminded about your brand which helps you in gaining loyal customers and also keeps them informed to consume your content. To cut out the efforts and time invested in the recirculation process, One Unify Toolbar gives various ways to reach out to customers in a simplified way with features like app promotion, stories and more.

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More engagement: Recirculation further results in more engagement as many readers consume your content. The more interesting content you create the more number of users circulate it further. With features like trending news on current affairs, users can gain more engagement with relevant content being showcased.

Lower bounce rates: With the One Unify Toolbar and the pre-configured options available in the suite, the number of bounce rates can be reduced with multiple engaging activities and features. Citizen journalism, video integration and more are some features that will allow users to spend more time on your site, thus resulting in lower bounce rates.

Boost in revenue: At the end of the day, all the efforts are done to earn more revenue for your site. The One Unify Toolbar toolbar is designed in a way that it allows your best content to be discovered that offers 100 per cent view to the users. Content, video, apps, epapers, promotion techniques with this toolbar is the best way to experience a significant hike in your revenue.

How to get started with One Unify Toolbar?

Now that you have learnt everything about One Unify Toolbar and the benefits of having it for your business, it is time to get started. All you need to do is simply provide us with some basic information about yourself and the site.

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That’s it! We will get in touch with you once we get the details and we can amplify your social, recirculation and content discovery with Unify.

If you have any doubts and queries regarding One Unify Toolbar, you can drop a mail at and we will be happy to assist you.

We are looking forward to having you on board with us.