Social Media Integration: 5 reasons why your business can’t ignore it

When was the last time you didn’t check your social media account for days? When was the last time you thought ‘I am too hooked on social media.’ Even if many of us don’t wish to, we all rely on smartphones and various apps for our personal and professional needs. Social media integration in our lives is a very common phenomenon.

If you are a student and you wish to take some time off social media, that’s a great thought. But if you are a publisher trying to expand your business on the web, staying away from social media is the last thing you should consider.

We come across brick and mortar retailers striving hard with their marketing agenda. Then we have online businesses who can generate leads, earn profit and expand business with few clicks and shares. How? Social media integration is the jackpot that you must never let go.

If you still struggle in establishing a smooth interaction with your potential customers, this blog is for you. By the end, you will figure out the best and most efficient ways to integrate social media in your apps, grow your business and keep on expanding.

Let’s talk about the 5 major factors why you must have social media integrated into your app.

Biggest Trump Card: Social media integration for the large and relevant audience

A smartphone user spends over 3 hours on various mobile applications, says a survey by TechCrunch. It is no brainer that social media is no more only about socializing with known people. It is more about connecting with people all over the globe for constructive purposes. Nobody follows content or pages that they are not interested in, everyone is looking for engaging content. If your news app integrates social media channels like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and many more, you are likely to make significant progress.

How would that happen?

People love to share trending content! If a blog/ article from your app is intriguing for the user, he/ she will find a way to spread the news. A simple WhatsApp, Facebook share works more effectively than a text message saying, ‘Hey dude! Did you check the news about the latest iPhone?’ Not every person is going to google it through and visit your site. But if you integrate social media, congratulations! You have now opened the doors for several relevant users for your app.

The key is brand awareness, Social media integration gives you business

Brands take some kickass marketing strategy to make an impact over the audience. Whenever someone says McDonald’s, what’s the first marketing hack that you remember? Your childhood picture with the McDonalds clown dressed in red and yellow in front of the outlet, isn’t it? This is an example of a marketing strategy that is known all over the globe. We all know it took McDonald’s some time and effort to achieve it.

You don’t have to roam around all over the country to talk about your brand, that’s the best part about social media. To create brand awareness, you can simply integrate social media on your app. You can upload some unique and engaging content on your page for your followers. (P.S- No harm in calling them your potential customers) That’s all! You can talk about your upcoming offers, features, give shoutouts to the amazing customers and do whatever you want. It’s all about creating brand awareness!

Social Media Mantra: Like, Comment, Share, Repeat

Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat is a mantra for most of us in our daily life. But if you are a publisher, advertiser or a marketer, you should be familiar with the most important mantra of social media. As you integrate social media for your app, you are likely to have more number of followers on your social accounts. More the number of users engaging with your content, more are your chances to get more app installs and earn. Social media platforms come with the best and the easiest analytics that is visible to everyone. A post that has got several likes and comments is more likely to go viral and get more shares. Now that you know the golden mantra, create some innovative posts for your audience. With your social media feed, they will love to Like, Comment, Share, Repeat.

Fewer efforts and more users on your app

They say shortcuts are not always reliable. Thankfully, this is not true for social media. Think of a place or a digital gadget without social media. If you wish to choose a lit travel destination, what is one of the easiest ways to do your research?

Simply open Instagram, search for #holidaydestination and voila! You get thousands of amazing pictures that can leave you awestruck. Social media is highly influential! If people can plan their holiday trips using social media, integrating social media on your app can give your more users. All you need to do is create niche content in a user-friendly app and give a little push to your users to share it. If your content is appealing enough, the users do the rest of the job happily.

More visitors, more conversions, more revenue

Over one billion people use various social media apps on their smartphones each day. As mentioned earlier, a major chunk of the relevant users will be visiting your site if you upload relevant content. If the top app development companies do not miss on social media integration as it might result in loss, you should think big as well. The start might be slow but you will get more visitors, better conversions and big money! Users love to interact and have a personalized feel. Hence, analyze the comments for your posts and try to address them so that people come back often and finally install your app.

How does Readwhere help you with social media integration?

Readwhere CMS created a full-fledged app for your content with numerous features, your social media goes hand in hand with it easily.

Here are some of the features by Readwhere for social media.

  1. SSO Login: Allowing users to login in a convenient way without filling in a signup form is beneficial. People can use their social logins like Google and Facebook to get started at your app.
  2. Social Sharing: Every interesting and informative piece of content deserves to be shared. Your apps designed by Readwhere allows you to share the news on various social platforms. 
  3. Download app: With a simple widget, you can ask your users on the website to download your app and access content easily. You can also share the download link to your app.

Now that you are aware of the role of social media in your business, it is time for you to implement it. As a site owner or publisher, you will see competitors every single day trying to do the best with every news update coming through. There is no way to succeed rather than being consistent and have a full-fledged social media strategy for your growth.

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So, what unique points do you think a social media strategy should have?


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