Introducing Garima: Your Personal Site Optimization Specialist by Readwhere

“An expert in anything was once a beginner.”, this famous proverb fits the best for the publishing industry. As a publisher, if you are an expert today, undoubtedly you have learnt a lot throughout your career since you were a beginner. However, with the updating dynamics of the publishing industry, the pattern of content distribution includes several factors. In the digital era, providing a flawless online reading experience has become mandatory. Without a technical background, you might not be well versed in the technical terms of optimization for your site. This is where you need an expert to be your personalized guide for site optimization with core web vitals. That would help you save your time involved in learning new tech trends for site optimization and focus more on publishing content, isn’t it?


Now the most important question is, ‘Where can one find a site optimization specialist for making the website performance better?’


Well, Readwhere AdExchange has great news for all the publishers! After understanding the issues of publishers and providing them with the best ways for site optimization, we came up with an easier and more convenient option. 

Readwhere AdExchange presents Garima: A personalized site optimization expert for all sorts of publishers.

Who is Garima?

Garima is a virtual assistant developed for the publishers to enhance their site performance. This personalized site optimization expert makes the most of the power of  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. With Garima, you can get various insights related to your site and further guides you step by step in achieving a better web vitals score.

The meaning of Garima is Pride in Hindi language. Just as the name, we take pride in this virtual assistant which will make the entire user experience a splendid one. If you think human advice is beneficial for site optimization, try Garima once and be ready to get surprised with the most accurate and instant updates.

How does Garima work with Core Web Vitals?

Site optimization specialist Garima works in an easy way and highly interactive for all the publishers. After understanding all the issues faced by publishers in their daily life, Garima looks after various parameters included in the site optimization report.There are two major things that Garima looks after for the betterment of your site:

Your Core Web Vitals Score.

2. Effortless Site Optimization measures with minimum human interference.

Being a chatbot based on AI & ML, the prime objective of Garima is to reduce the human efforts involved in site optimization.

You can simply visit Garima and get details about your site performance right away.

Here is how you can optimize with Garima

  1. Enter your email id and press Submit you will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP received. This helps in verification. 
  2. Enter the URL of your website in the chat box and press Submit. 
  3. Garima will analyze your site with the overall performance including factors like loading experience. All the parameters will be marked under various metrics with Good, Average and Poor scores, thus making it simpler for you to understand and determine the scope of improvement required.

The significant metrics to focus on improving performance includes: 

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) – Reports the load time performance when the page first started loading.

Speed Index (SI) – Measures how quickly content is displayed visually during page load.

First Contentful Paint (FCP) – Marks the time at which the first text or image also referred as DOM content is painted.

Time to Interactive (TTI) – Reports the time taken for the page to become fully interactive for the users.

Total Blocking Time (TBT) – Measures the total time that the page is blocked from responding to the user input.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – Measures visual stability of the site to prevent users from unexpected layout shifts.

Along with providing you with ratings for various metrics, Garima also gives you various tips to improve your core web vitals score. For example, if your TTI score is poor, you don’t have to invest your time in figuring out ways manually to improve. You can always minify your JavaScript with various measures and opportunities that Garima will offer you.

You can also view the complete diagnostics that you can focus on to improve your site performance. It can serve you with several suggestions like:

  1. Ensuring that text remains visible during web font load.

  2. Serving static assets with an efficient cache policy.

  3. Minimizing main-thread work – 4.0 s

With all sorts of detailed site optimization tips, Garima is the ultimate solution to all the human efforts required in improvement and growth of the site. Imagine having to interact with the tech experts from time to time, explaining your problems and trying to figure out solutions that can be implemented. Instead, Garima gets your job done like a cake walk eliminating the elongated process of follow ups, interaction, implementation and what not. So, are you ready to optimize your site for better yields? 

It’s time to call out Garima!

Need more assistance? Simply schedule a call with the RWADX team and we will help you out!


Readwhere AdExchange invested months for working and understanding the necessity of a smoothly functioning web presence for publishers of all sizes. During the unprecedented times, publishers have learnt the way of living and growing along with the circumstances. Readwhere AdExchange, along with its AI & ML based bot Garima, is focused on making the entire site optimization process effortless for everyone. Publishers using this service can enhance their sites, gain more traffic and eventually generate more revenue.

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