Top 5 fashion and lifestyle magazines you should read before 2020 ends

Fashion is not only about the trending clothes and shoes, it is much more than that. Various aspects of fashion including lifestyle, health, travel, food and many more together make the world of fashion. The top fashion and lifestyle magazines in the country tell about the glamorous world, trending outfits and eye-catching style statements for all of us.


Whenever you come across amazing pictures in the top fashion magazines, don’t you imagine yourselves in those clothes? I bet you do! Well, we all do that and wish to have such outfits in our wardrobe. Along with this, food, fashion and fitness habits of the most popular celebrities keep us intrigued and motivated to pump it up. We are walking out of 2020 and people will come up with their new year resolutions related to their health, fashion and fitness. Here is what we have to offer.

Top 5 Fashion and Lifestyle Magazines in India

GQ India Magazine


Published by Conde Nast India Pvt Ltd, GQ India is one of the biggest men’s fashion magazines in the country. Focusing on metrosexuality, this magazine provides the best fashion and style trends for men. Be it casual, formal or a retro look, GQ India is the best guide every man can have. Over the years, GQ India has managed to become one of the top fashion magazines in India. With the variety of categories like Look Good, Live Well, Men of the Year, GQ Wardrobe and more, this magazine delivers more than usual fashion updates. Looking for the best casual outfits for your upcoming holiday destination? GQ India has got you covered. Also, you can find countless recommendations on fitness and food in the magazine.


Get your digital issue for GQ India now with Readwhere at the most affordable price. Grab your single issue of GQ India at Rs 110 only. You can also stay updated always by taking a 3/ 6/ 12 month issue.

Vogue India


Another famous name when it comes to top fashion and lifestyle magazines in India is Vogue. This magazine published by Conde Nast India Pvt Ltd gives the best fashion and beauty tips. Focusing on the readers’ choice, Vogue delivers affordable and attractive fashion insights for it’s target audience. From young to old, Vogue India is for everyone who loves to look good. Right from the best celebrity looks till the best beauty tips, Vogue has got everything you need. Valuable words from renowned fashion designers and celebrities included in Vogue always inspire everyone to get up, dress up and get going with life in a classy way!


Vogue India is one fashion magazine that you just can’t miss out.

Glimpse Magazine



A single glimpse is enough to identify real beauty, isn’t it? Well, that is what Glimpse magazine is all about. Since 2008, Glimpse is growing rapidly in the fashion world and becoming the favourite choice of fashion lovers. Being one of the top fashion and lifestyles magazines in the country is a tough job. But Glimpse is doing a commendable job in offering everything that the readers are looking for. Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle, Weddings, Festivals, Home Decor, Food, Travel, Party, the list is endless. You just have to think of the latest fashion trends and Glimpse has got the best updates for you. This is one magazine you should not miss out on if you are a fashion lover.

Bold Outline Magazine


Covering the latest stories from the world of fashion, style, wellness, travel, food, news, sports and many more, Bold Outline is truly a bold magazine. End your year on a good note, knowing about the best fashion, lifestyle, fitness tips from one of the best magazines available. Celebrating festivity and fashion this magazine is a hub for fresh updates regarding everything that you need to know, No matter if you are a fashion enthusiast or just a regular person, this magazine is for you.


Get your Bold Outline issue for the month and fall in love with it, We are sure, you’ll buy many more issues of this magazine in 2021.


TMM.THNK Fashion and lifestyle magazine

LTMM is one stop shop for everything that a fashion lover needs. The December 2020 issue with everyone’s favorite Carry Minati is a must read for you before ending the year. Want to know about food, nightlife, TV Buzz or just the regular updates from various brands? Get TMM and you are sorted with tons of options for your upcoming big bash if you wish to have a social distancing party or maybe just netflix and chill. From the top celebrities till the latest fashion updates, TMM offers everything you need in a single issue. You just can’t miss it!

Hurry up and get the latest issue of TMM THNKMKT.MAGAZINE and add it to your collection of favourites now.


2020 is about to end, most of us will not be able to celebrate and party hard with our favourite people. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it at all. With the top fashion and lifestyle magazines in India, stay entertained and celebrate with fashion!


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