Redefining digital subscriptions for better news reading with Digicase: Latest feature by Readwhere

To cope up with the ongoing scenario, Readwhere has developed a new feature and provide a helping hand to the businesses as well. As it’s being said and we all realise, living with COVID- 19 will be the new normal. Here is what Readwhere invented for you to live the new normal in an easier way.

Digicase: Redefining Digital Subscriptions

Having the early morning tea session with a newspaper to know about daily affairs is no more a common affair for everyone. However, news and daily updates can be circulated in several ways if not through print media. With Digicase, a new feature by Readwhere, the epaper subscriptions can be sold by publishers just like the newspaper subscriptions.

This feature is helpful for both publishers and end-users as the main editions and supplements are bundled together in the yearly subscription plans. With the Digicase feature, readers can enjoy the daily news updates anywhere and everywhere easily.

The New Indian Express associated with Readwhere has adopted this feature and redesigned their digital subscription strategy for the betterment of the business in the moment of crisis. With an annual subscription for Rs 750, the readers can enjoy the latest news updates on a daily basis.

Perks of choosing Digicase for your business:

Hasslefree Integrated Solution- Work from home has already become monotonous for many of us and adding up one more task to the worklist would be a bad idea. There is no extra effort involved in your digital publishing process if you choose to go for Digicase. With the integrated solution provided by us, you just need to follow the regular procedure to publish content. Team Readwhere will take care of the rest.

Easy accessibility- Providing a satisfactory experience to the user is the prime objective of all our hard work. While content consumption in a digital format may be new for many users, we try to make the experience as seamless as we can. Readers can enjoy the news updates on any device of their choice. It can be on the web or a mobile app which the users choose to stay updated.

Security prioritized- As time is very uncertain, we understand that security is the utmost priority for every business. With the Digicase feature, security will never be at stake. With the superior-tech stack, we safeguard your business against fraudulent access and hackers.

We understand that the unprecedented situation brings uncertainty in the way we live and earn. But at the same time, the safety of all the citizens is the utmost priority for us. This has kept us motivated to help the readers and publishers in every way possible with our innovation and hard work.

If you wish to know more about the Digicase feature, feel free to contact us at and our team will be glad to assist you.