Benefiting news and journalism with these top features by Google and Readwhere

With the efforts taken by Google to provide a way out for quality journalism to go further, they came up with helpful concepts like Realtime Content Insights (RCI), News Content Insights (NCI). All the publishers who are finding it difficult to cope up in this hard time, here are some useful features that can help them in generating revenue. If you are a publisher and reading this, here is one thing you need to focus on- News Creation.

Readwhere has pioneered and stayed motivated to make a mark for the news media and journalism in the digital age. Along with features by Google like Web Vitals, Readwhere is happy to provide a helping hand to the media and journalism business. Through sharing this vital information, we would like to encourage ideas that create a transparent, sustainable and rewarding digital ecosystem, for quality journalism.

Here is a bit more you should know about the best ways to keep going with RCI, NCI, Web Vitals, AMP and PWA.

With these features, the publishers will also be able to make their content and news feed rich and help the business grow. Let’s take a look.

Realtime Content Insights (RCI) 

As the name itself suggests, the RCI is helpful in identifying the most popular articles that are trending among the readers. With the RCI, engaging data visualization for the newsroom is available. Along with this, this is easily available and accessible for all the publishers using all versions of Google Analytics. So making data-driven decisions about content creation and distribution can be made easy.

News Consumer Insights (NCI)

Improving business gaps and coming up with innovative and actionable insights is easy with the NCI once a publisher can measure the performance of their audience using the unique benchmarks offered. With the NCI, growth of user engagement, maximizing consumer revenue strategy and ultimately walking towards progress is sorted for publishers using all versions of Google Analytics. Now get the most effective way to reach out consumers and convert them successfully into paying consumers.

Web Vitals

A great user experience is something that keeps the business growing. With the initiative by Google- Web Vitals, publishers can quantify the experience of their site and grab the opportunities to improve. With the core web vitals and the three major aspects listed below, the publishers have a long way to go.

  • Largest Conetful Paint (LCP) for measuring Loading performance
  • First Input Delay (FID) for measuring Interactivity
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) for measuring Visual Stability


Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Applications aren’t just featured for your website but also essential elements if you wish to provide a seamless experience to your readers. With Readwhere’s AMP & PWA features, publishers can provide content to anyone, anywhere at any point of time without being worried about low network performance or offline connectivity. With faster load times, the publishers don’t need to worry about the bounce rate.

We hope you are equally excited about making the most of all these features and improving your content outreach. With this, the news industry and journalism shall definitely be able to work efficiently along with the crisis.

We will be posting many more blog explaining these concepts along with webinars by team Readwhere and many more. Stay tuned!

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