Top 5 AMP Features to get with Readwhere CMS

A splendid experience for your readers!

Readwhere is a one-stop solution for all the publishers as well as advertisers to achieve their target of growing engagement and increasing conversions with faster experience for the users.

How can you achieve this goal?

Simple! Be Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ready with Readwhere CMS.

Here is an interesting fact! An average mobile site takes 19 seconds to load over a 3G connection. For every additional second that a web page takes to load, the conversions fall by 12%. It is obvious that speed and performance are the key factors when you wish to gain more users. When it comes to publishers and advertisers, slow loading and poor performance can be a nightmare. Hence, being AMP ready is not an add-on but a necessity for all the advertisers and publishers.

Let’s take a look at all the features that Readwhere CMS will provide you and help you get AMPified!

AMP with all the features of PWA

We all know about Progressive Web Apps and the features provided by it to provide a hassle-free experience to the users. Here is something more interesting! PWA and AMP can work great when blended together.
What if you build the most amazing PWA and nobody discovers it as the first page takes time to load?
AMP is the perfect solution to this problem. Yes, with AMP your first page can load faster and further the job can be easier. Talking about the AMP and PWA features together, easy offline access and improved performance are guaranteed. Along with this, automated caching, easy and quick updates with a low network or offline connection can help you create a compelling and super-fast user journey.

AMP structure for Google Discover first pages

AMP structure for Google Discover first pages

As Google Discover helps your content to reach till the users, one also needs to know that making the content discoverable by linking the pages would need some work and attention. To get your feed listed in the Google Discover tab so that the users come across it while browsing, you shall need an AMP page. With Readwhere CMS, your discoverability on Google is our responsibility.

Here is a webinar on AMP practices and benefits for Advertisers and Ad Networks

AMP according to content type i.e News, Movie Reviews, Photos etc

Content can be limitless and every publisher may choose to display content in different formats. News articles, movies, books, products and local business are some of the formats to showcase content. In Readwhere CMS, all the content is thoroughly analysed and displayed in a subtle way for various categories with a definite page structure and the formats. We help you with the page structure/ schema structure that looks compatible with the type of content that you display. Thus, we create AMP pages for you to gain more traffic in a simplified way.

Intriguing AMP Stories

What’s the best way of storytelling in today’s era?
An attractive and interactive visual can definitely grab the attention of the viewers. Also, as interesting it sounds, the effort behind it is equally less if you consider AMP stories that help you in creating immersive content for readers in tappable and full-screen format.
Being a user- first option that can open fast, the AMP stories are similar to something that you have already seen and use regularly in your life in the form of Facebook and Instagram stories.
With Readwhere, be it a publisher or an advertiser, creating the perfect AMP stories becomes a cakewalk and here are the benefits that you shall get from the same:

  1. More Viewability
  2. Higher CPMs
  3. More Clicks

Perfect lighthouse and Page Speed Insights score

Readwhere CMS utilizes Google’s NLP to showcase related news based on content and entities. With the Artificial Intelligence based algorithm used to scan the content and populate the entities from it, we help in delivering large amount of content and we deliver it fast. As images take a huge amount of share in delivery, we come up with a combination of webp + jpeg/ png. How do we know about the performance and stats for all the hard work done?
A perfect lighthouse and Page Speed Insight score is what we provide to know about the progress you made. In this you can get a complete report about the performance, PWA, Accessibility, Best Practices, SEO and various other matrices.

Readwhere CMS is a platform that offers enterprises mobility to publishers, AMP, PWA, Engagement and Monetization. Focusing on the factors like better engagement, performance and revenue generation, you can definitely consider Readwhere CMS to make your website AMP ready and reach out to the viewers easily.

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