Quarantine and chill with these top magazines at Readwhere

As people are making the most of various options like Netflix, zoom calls with their friends, playing online games and many more, Readwhere is also here to keep your #QuarantineAndChill mode going on. As reading is always fun and helps your thought process going, why not read about something that you love to do? It may be travelling, movies, makeup and what not! We know that you can’t step out to experience it but let’s just not miss on the opportunity to read and have a feel of it being safe from your home.

With Readwhere, you can find the best magazines for your Quarantine and chill session. Let’s dig in!

Cosmopolitan India:

Cosmopolitan India

Staying indoors with those baggy t-shirts and messy buns can be boring after a while for everyone. Let’s not forget that when we go out, we shall have the chance to look phenomenal again. Cosmopolitan- A magazine for women’s fashion, health, lifestyle and many more is helping readers in the quarantine with various ideas like practical advice for post-pandemic times, how wearing make up can make you feel good in isolation, best ways to deal with quarantine scalp and many more.
If you think you want to try something new and feel fresh and glow like you always did get your Cosmopolitan issue at Readwhere.

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GQ India:

GQ India

One of the best and leading Men’s magazine with the latest style, fashion & lifestyle trends is also doing their bit in keeping the readers entertained in their own way. The music lovers can find the top playlists for having a chill session. With various hacks to stay entertained in these times and keeping up with the latest news related to Coronavirus, GQ India is doing a great job for all their readers. So let’s choose to stay indoors yet stay fashionable with GQ India. Get your latest issue at Readwhere now.

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Harper’s Bazaar India:

Harper's Bazaar

We all look up to the number of celebrities and famous personalities for fun, entertainment, fashion, fitness and many more things. Harper’s Bazaar India is one of the best magazines that celebrate design, style, fashion and also helps us stay updated with the latest trends. During this time of crisis, Harper’s Bazaar can just help you know how your favourite celebrities dealing with their quarantine time, best books to read in 2020 and everything that keeps you entertained.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?

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Travel + Leisure:

Travel +leisure

Be it a weekend getaway, adventurous road trip or a luxurious foreign trip, who doesn’t love travelling? The lockdown and the virus shall keep all of us from travelling for a while. Even the thought is a bummer, isn’t it? But nobody has stopped you from thinking of the future? Travel + Leisure is one magazine that takes care of your travel plans and execution. In this quarantine, spend time thinking of your future travel plans, reading more about the beautiful destinations across the globe and let your craving settle down with Travel + Leisure.

Grab the latest issue at Readwhere and start exploring now.

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Brides Today:

As we call it, ‘The big fat Indian weddings’ shall have to wait till everything settles down. However, let’s not let our motivation fade away and still think about slaying at the wedding parties in the near future. Brides Today is a magazine that tells about the latest bridal fashion, bridal dresses, Indian brides and the list goes on and on. To help you with the lockdown, this magazine is helping with various beauty tips for the lockdown, the do’s and don’ts for the beauty rituals in the lockdown and everything that you can ask for.

The latest issue telling about Love in Lockdown is something that you can consider reading as it’s us who has to stay indoors, love can still travel. Get your issue with Readwhere instantly.

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