Top 5 must-have widgets for your news website

It would be an understatement to say that content is sufficient for news sites to do well. Several factors are essential to make a news site successful. Content is the king, however plain and monotonous content gets boring for the users. Imagine how would a news site do better than the others if everyone delivered the same content? Every news site needs something different to make it stand out and look appealing to the users. Limited functionalities can be a real bummer for news websites!


The mantra of success is very simple in the news industry! To keep the users entertained, a news site should offer something more than regular news, something interesting and engaging. How can publishers do so while being occupied with content creation for news coming up for every minute? 


Widgets are the ultimate solution that serves the purpose of engagement and saves time as well.


In this blog, let us learn everything about widgets, their benefits and the recommended widgets for a news site.

What are Website Widgets?

Widget is the easiest way to allow a user to access a service or perform a function. Widgets are embedded directly into the site and the site owner does not need to develop or code for them separately. Always visible in the user’s field of view, widgets play a great role in user engagement. Installing widgets is a simple task that includes copy and pasting the code provided by the widget owner.

Types of Website Widgets

Information Widgets: Displaying crucial information for various important topics. For ex: clock widgets, weather widgets, score widgets and more.


Control Widgets: Displaying frequently used functions that the user can utilize directly from the home screen without the hassle of opening the app. 


Collection Widgets: Displaying multimedia elements of a similar type including a collection of news from news apps, a collection of pictures from the gallery app and more. 


Hybrid Widgets: Combining elements of different widgets and utilize them together to create a comfortable experience for the users.

Not all publishers and website owners are well-versed in making impactful decisions about intriguing content in the easiest way possible. That’s where Readwhere CMS comes in! 


Your news site and apps need some x-factor elements to perform better than your competitors. Readwhere CMS ensures that your news sites and apps have all the features to attract more users and make more money.


Horoscope Widget

Horoscope Widget


Daily horoscope might not be a part of the news updates. However, a web widget that allows the horoscope followers to get daily updates without any additional efforts is a great add on. Publishers can place the horoscope widget anywhere easily on their screen and allow users to know what their day looks like. Daily feeds about all the zodiac signs can help the users keep coming back to the site to check out the predictions for their day! 


Sports Scorecard Widget

Sports is a part of everyday life and a significant source of entertainment for most people. A news site that doesn’t keep the users updated with sports scores is likely to lose some potential users. The sports scorecard widget is the best choice for information like live scores, game statistics, match information and more from trending tournaments and sports events. Having a sports scorecard widget allows users to stay informed about the crucial match scores along with the top news updates at once.

Weather Widget for news website and apps

Weather Widget


With Readwhere CMS, keep your readers aware of the weather forecast using the weather updates widget. The current weather conditions and forecast is displayed on the user’s screen without disturbing the news content layout. Being a location-based widget, users can also search for the weather forecast for various locations of their choice. Including the weather widget is highly convenient and provides a much-needed add-on element to the news screen that grabs a user’s attention.


Epaper Widget for Engagement

Epaper Widget


With this unique widget by Readwhere CMS, generating epaper traffic becomes a cakewalk for publishers. News business with Readwhere CMS is an engaging blend of epapers and app content. With the Epaper widget, publishers can generate traffic from news sites and apps for epapers and ultimately make more money!


COVID-19 Updates Widget

2020 changed the whole world in several ways. With major information like affected people and vaccinated people, numbers have become crucial all over the globe. Readwhere CMS provides the Covid related widget that keeps the users aware of the current numbers of covid cases and vaccinations according to geographical regions. This widget is not only engaging but also the need of the hour. Keep the users aware of essential Covid details along with the trending and important news updates related to various topics from the country and the world.

Benefits of adding website widgets to a news site:

 Apart from being a readymade feature for the news site owners, widgets offer a lot for the publishers as well as the users. Take a look at the benefits offered by widgets.


Higher Engagement Rate: With informational widgets, users are likely to spend more time on the page scrolling through content. Widgets like horoscope have the power to bring back users on a regular basis to check out daily updates for their zodiac signs.  


Higher Recirculation Rate: Readers enjoy access to maximum content on the same screen with a variety of information. Apart from the usual news updates, gaining more information doesn’t hurt at all. At the same time, it increases the recirculation rate by offering more than what users have signed up for.


Better ROI with website widgets: Better engagement and recirculation ultimately helps in increasing the ROI of the site. Widgets are very helpful in generating less costly leads and traffic with long-lasting impact due to their regular content. Introducing all the mentioned widgets to your news website can be a good source of ROI with engaging content.


Hassle-free implementation with Automatic Data: Unlike regular news updates, widgets don’t need any human intervention to be functional. Widgets offer better screen-time without specific content creation. It may be a weather card widget or a scorecard widget, once you place it, the related information like updated scores and weather forecast takes place automatically without any hassle of manually updating the data.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of introducing widgets to your business, it is time to get started with Readwhere CMS. More traffic, more engagement and more revenue with Readwhere CMS! 

If you have any interesting ideas about more such widgets, feel free to mention them in the comments section now!

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