Aspects of Ancient Indian Philosophy
Aspects of Ancient Indian Philosophy

Aspects of Ancient Indian Philosophy

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Indian civilization is more than five thousand years old.   During this long period it produced a unique type of highly advanced and variegated culture.  In spite of the innumerable regional, social and linguistic diversities of the country, there has always been a basic unity in Indian culture.  Moreover, this culture maintained unbroken continuity from Vedic times to the present day, in spite of countless wars within the country, invasions from outside and two centuries of subjugation by the British.  This indestructible unity and unbroken continuity of Indian culture are derived from its deep spiritual foundations. Swami Vivekananda has pointed out that every civilization or culture has a particular life-centre, a dominant characteristic or trend.  According to him the life-centre of Indian culture is spirituality.  By spirituality is meant a way of life oriented to the ultimate purpose or goal of life which is the realization of the Supreme Spirit or God. Indian spirituality is deeply rooted in the ancient philosophical and religious traditions of the land.  Philosophy arose in India as an enquiry into the mystery of life and existence.  A parallel situation arose in ancient Greece also. This book provides updated information on various aspects of this subject. This book will be invaluable to students dealing with this topic.