Changing Indian Society and Status of Women
Changing Indian Society and Status of Women

Changing Indian Society and Status of Women

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India is a multifaceted society where no generalization could apply to the nation’s various regional, religious, social and economic groups. Nevertheless certain broad circumstances in which Indian women live affect the way they participate in the economy. A common denominator in their lives is that they are generally confined to home, with restricted mobility, and in seclusion. Other, unwritten, hierarchical practices place further constraints on women. Throughout history, women have generally been restricted to the role of a home-maker; that of a mother and wife. Despite major changes that have occurred in the status of women in some parts of the world in recent decades, norms that restrict women to the home are still powerful in India, defining activities that are deemed appropriate for women. They are, by and large, excluded from political life, which by its very nature takes place in a public forum. In spite of India’s reputation for respecting women, including treating her as a Goddess, history tells us that women werealso ill-treated. There was no equality between men and women. This book presents the information on some of the basic concept of this subject.