Library Information and Society
Library Information and Society

Library Information and Society

  • Library Science
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Libraries play a fundamental role in our society. They are the collectors and stewards of our heritage; they are organisers of the knowledge in the books they collect – adding value by cataloguing, classifying and describing them; and, as public institutions, they assure equality of access for all citizens. They take the knowledge of the past and present, and lay it down for the future. In the modern world, information has the power to transform the lives of people and nations. National development is influenced by the amount of available information. The idea of an “information society” is connected to this fact. There are different definitions of “Information Society.” Access to information is crucial, and it is influenced by many factors. Balance among the factors is essential to shrink the digital divide. A society in which the quality of life, as well as prospects for social change and economic development, depends increasingly upon information and its exploitation. This book analyses various aspects of  this subject. In such a society, living standards, patterns of work and leisure, the education system and the marketplace are influenced markedly by advances in information and knowledge. The book will be highly useful to students and teachers.