Soft Skills
Soft Skills

Soft Skills

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Our world is witnessing a major change in communication patterns, with expanding social spheres, openness in communication and professionals working in multicultural environments. Its is crucial, therefore, that India’s workforce remains world-class, through re-training and continuous improvement, to remain competent, competitive and successful. To create and nature successful professionals, the acquisition, cultivation and fine-tuning of soft skills are highly essential in the business paradigm. The Soft Skills is a part of this educational process that produces top-notch professionals. Divided into concepts like there parts—Attitude, Communication and Etiquette—this unique book provides a broad-based coverage of what constitutes of soft skills. The foundations of soft skills lie in a strong attitude; this attitude gets manifested as communication, which gets further refined as etiquette. This book covers a wide range of topics—including personal accountability, listening skills, business proposals and the role of small talk and humour at work.