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Industrial Products Finder

Industrial Products Finder

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IPF April 2019 had 2 Focus Sections - "Castings & forgings/dies & moulds" and "Fasteners, adhesives & sealants". Usually, conventional welding is a ‘Repair-Oriented’ technique. It is carried out after the dies are damaged or worn out. The first focus section highlighted on a new Japanese cold-welding technique that enables appropriate surface hardening of dies, moulds and tools to increase their service life. As a result of Industry 4.0, which will act as a boon for industries functioning in highly competitive environment, machines will be able to operate without human intervention restricting human role. This will change from operation to supervision and maintenance. Guest writer - AK Anand, Director, The Institute of Indian Foundry - focused on benefits of Industry 4.0 in foundry industry. The lead article of Second Focus explained the new trends in adhesives industry. With car makers opting for lighter materials such as polymer and aluminium (which are not suitable for welding), the demand for high-performance adhesives or bonders is on the rise. Besides, water based adhesives market is also expected to witness an upswing with growing awareness about the environment. 

In addition to these 2 Focus Section, IPF April 2019 also had "Germany" as "Country Focus". Trade partnership between India and Germany is over 500 years old. Today, Germany is India’s largest trading partner in the European Union and ranks 4th in the list of India’s top ten trading partners worldwide. In future, two countries are expected to work closely in areas of trade, education, culture, sustainable development, etc for mutually beneficial partnership. In PLUS section, one of the article provided insights on the impact of technologies on the lives of the next generation of women.

Industrial Products Finder (IPF), a pioneer industrial journal in India, was launched in 1972. It gives industrial manufacturers and exclusive dealers/importers of industrial products a forum to display their ware, in a medium that was to be made regularly available to the users of these products. IPF focuses on all industrial/engineering products and services, consultancies, repair and reconditioning services, industrial security and safety services, and of late, pollution control and environment protection services. Apart from products, there are also other regular features that complement the core activity – a capsule of important events and developments in the industrial sector, news on companies, projects, joint ventures and mergers, etc; a selection of articles written by experts in the field as well as academics; and information on all important trade fairs, conferences, seminars and training programmers.