Industrial Products Finder

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Industrial Products Finder

Industrial Products Finder

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IPF Nov 2019 had 3 Focus Sections – "Mechanical Power Transmission/Fluid Power", "Renewable Energy" and "Plastics, Packaging, printing & labelling machinery". Rise in investment for infrastructure development is leading to increase in demand for heavy machinery, which in turn is driving the market for mechanical power transmission products. Gearbox - a mechanical device that transmits energy from one device to another to reduce speed and generate torque – is vital for the functioning of industrial equipment and products. As companies look to reduce operating cost and carbon footprint, there is an increasing requirement for energy-efficient gearbox. IPF Nov 2019 focused on trends in gearbox market.

India has added 9,327 mw of utility scale wind and solar capacity in last 12 months. The total renewable energy capacity is estimated at 66, 650 mw as on September 30, 2019. “Focus 2” discusses opportunities for Indian manufacturers in the renewable sector and trends in renewable equipments. Indian printing industry has undergone several revolutionary changes in the past 15 years. “Focus 3” discusses how shift from regular printing jobs are demanding value added systems being incorporated in the industry and take a closer look over how digital technology thrives on the phenomenon of adding value.


Industrial Products Finder (IPF), a pioneer industrial journal in India, was launched in 1972. It gives industrial manufacturers and exclusive dealers/importers of industrial products a forum to display their ware, in a medium that was to be made regularly available to the users of these products. IPF focuses on all industrial/engineering products and services, consultancies, repair and reconditioning services, industrial security and safety services, and of late, pollution control and environment protection services. Apart from products, there are also other regular features that complement the core activity – a capsule of important events and developments in the industrial sector, news on companies, projects, joint ventures and mergers, etc; a selection of articles written by experts in the field as well as academics; and information on all important trade fairs, conferences, seminars and training programmers.