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Industrial Products Finder

Industrial Products Finder

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IPF May 2019 had 3 Focus Sections - "Boilers, Furnaces & Heat Exchangers", "Industrial Safety Equipment" and "Industrial Cleaning Equipment & Services". The demand for boilers - which are used to generate steam that can be used for a variety of purposes including space heating, sterilisation, drying, humidification and power generation - is closely associated with the growth of power sector and industries. Indian boiler market is expected to increase to $ 11 billion by 2022 from $ 5.1 billion in 2014. Boilers play a big role in determining the energy efficiency of an industrial unit. IPF May 2019 focused on the effect of adoption of stringent emission norms and rising concerns toward environmental pollution on the demand of boilers.

Industrial safety is given foremost importance in manufacturing and production due to the strict norms and various health hazards that plants pose. Companies are becoming more and more aware and taking steps to educate their employees through safety weeks and workshops. A very core aspect of the industrial safety equipment industry is the personal protective equipment (PPE) such as safety goggles, safety helmet, protective clothing, respirators, fall protection among others. The lead article of Focus 2 tracked changes in PPE market and factors influencing their demands. 

From electric mobility to mobile handsets, require cleaning solutions to maintain hygiene standards and provide a safe work environment at their manufacturing facilities. With the increasing use of standards and controls in all processes of production, keeping a plant free of pollutants of any kind has become mandatory. IPF May 2019 focused on the emerging trends in the Indian cleaning equipment market.

In PLUS section, Jaydev V Sanghavi (Executive Director of Aarvi Encon Ltd) explained the importance to bridge the engineering skill-gap in India to increase manufacturing capability of the country.


Industrial Products Finder (IPF), a pioneer industrial journal in India, was launched in 1972. It gives industrial manufacturers and exclusive dealers/importers of industrial products a forum to display their ware, in a medium that was to be made regularly available to the users of these products. IPF focuses on all industrial/engineering products and services, consultancies, repair and reconditioning services, industrial security and safety services, and of late, pollution control and environment protection services. Apart from products, there are also other regular features that complement the core activity – a capsule of important events and developments in the industrial sector, news on companies, projects, joint ventures and mergers, etc; a selection of articles written by experts in the field as well as academics; and information on all important trade fairs, conferences, seminars and training programmers.