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Indian Management

Indian Management

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The cover theme of the August issue is effective decision making. Experts—Gary Peacock, head of innovation and research at Gordian Business and Marc Le Menestrel from INSEAD—share their views on the role logic or intuition play in shaping our decisions.


Chris Lewis, co-author, The Leadership Lab emphasizes on broadening the leadership-perspective while Doug Skonord, Transition Management Inc. shares his vision on growing positive company culture by involving employees while tailoring the management style of organisation.


Steve Farber author of Greater Than Yourself present his views on mentoring millennials. Bhavna Sharma talks about the scope of people analytics and in development of the workforce.  Rajendra K Sinha, IFIM Business School explains why financial education is important to bring positive changes and in the economy of a country.


Sumit Sabharwal, Fujitsu Consulting India talks about finding a balance between driving results and employee engagement. Rajeev Shroff, Cupela opines on the technological changes that will help your organisation reach its goals. Prashant John, Kwench Global Technologies elucidates how organisations can heighten business process with the help of SMAC (Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud) technologies.


Ralph Welborn, co-author, Topple presents four lessons which are pertinent to any nature and size of organization for achieving explosive expansion. Mike Wade, Frank Vivier, Karine Avagyan, and Susan Stehli, IMD write about organisational change through the use of digital technologies and business models to improve performance. Shibina Patel, Collabera sheds light on the prospects of gig economy and how it is providing remarkable openings to get bigger more rapidly.



Indian Management strives to be a monthly management journal of high Quality targeted at middle and senior managers. It aims to be a credible source of insight, information and inspiration for management professionals. Through in-depth features, articles, live cases and caselets, research analysis, reports, reviews etc., based mainly on Indian experiences, Indian Management endeavors to consistently deliver to its readers a Journal that explores and imbibes the available knowledge and best practices pertaining to all aspects of management.