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Indian Management

Indian Management

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The cover theme of the October issue of Indian Management is People Management. Brian Smith, founder and Senior Managing Partner, IA Business Advisors and co-author, Individual

Advantages and Mary Smith, co-author, Individual Advantages opine that managers who remain open-minded and grounded in their values can unlock their teams’ potential. Salman Raza, author, Life’s Non-

Conformities writes that awareness, empathy, and the right attitude can help you navigate office politics with ease.



Indian Management strives to be a monthly management journal of high Quality targeted at middle and senior managers. It aims to be a credible source of insight, information and inspiration for management professionals. Through in-depth features, articles, live cases and caselets, research analysis, reports, reviews etc., based mainly on Indian experiences, Indian Management endeavors to consistently deliver to its readers a Journal that explores and imbibes the available knowledge and best practices pertaining to all aspects of management.