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Marwar India

Marwar India

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Marwaris are synonymous with enterprise. In this endeavour, while most live up to expectations, some go on to excel, carving brighter futures not only for themselves, but also their families and the Marwari community at large. We have featured three such achievers on our cover this issue: Sumeet Kabra, whose contributions as a torchbearer of RR Global include foraying into the electrical consumer durables space and cracking an unconventional market like Bangladesh; Saket Modi, the national award-winning co-founder of Lucideus, a cyber-security platform provider that has governments and Fortune 500 companies as its clients; and Deepak Agarwal, whose innovative streak has helped the family business, Bikaji Foods International Limited, grow enormously by diversifying into new products and markets.


On the other end of the Marwari business spectrum, we have well-experienced hands like Akshaypat Singhania, the grandson of industrialist Kailashpat Singhania, who now is the CMD of JK International and a director at JK Organisation. The seasoned entrepreneur has shared the story of his successful stints at the Raymond Group in the past and his latest foray in the start-up space with a `100 crore proprietorial capital to exploit India’s highly-promising start-up space.


If Marwaris are known for building and running successful businesses, they are equally well-known for their humanitarian side, with many Marwaris going so far as to give up promising careers to pursue philanthropy instead. Parinita Jain is an example. Jain helps students from government schools acquire the learning and skills required to make successful career choices and realise their dreams, through the Alohomora Education Foundation, of which she is the co-founder.

Marwar is a community-based magazine with an emphasis on profiling the best and the brightest in the Marwari community. The magazine reaches the elite in India and abroad who want to read and discover the wonders of all things connected with the community. Thus, the subjects featured have to have the flavour of Marwar and Rajasthan—its culture, lifestyle and traditions. We highlight arts, crafts, music, dance and theatre as well as fashion and food that are connected to the region apart from immensely successful businessmen and businesswomen. In the past, luminaries like Laxmi Mittal, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Indu Jain, Sanjiv Goenka and Rajashree Birla, to name a few, have graced our cover.