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Dear Stars

You may or may not have heard about Log4j, but it was the most important event in information security this month. We bring you a full page news about that. 

The second news is a very important update about The Childrens Post. Do read it carefully. 

Your Page: 

Art by Sparsh Jhaveri and Anvi Kumar, Meme by Neeraj Kumar, Riddles by Ch. Pranita, Inspirational Quote by Krisha Bansal, and Joke by Ishaan Kaila. 

Ananyas Column today addresses short tempered ness. 

Poem: Mazdoor by Krishna Pathak 

Editor Aunties share their experience of working with The Childrens Post and with the Empower Journalists. 

Junior Corner - Colouring Fun 

Perception Bias by Nidhi Arora

Enjoy the edition! 


Nidhi aunty 


The Children's Post of India is a daily newspaper created by mothers for children. The ideal age group is 8 to 14 years old. Its a 4 page, print at home newspaper. 

If you are an institution (School, NGO, Activity center) working with children in this age group, please get in touch to get the paper and share with your students. Individuals can take the paper from here and share with their children.

This subscription licence is only for one child/family. Please do not use this subscription for redistribution in any form or format. 

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