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Dear Readers,


Have you ever thought about how quickly we cover the distance between December and January? On one night we are wise with the experience of an entire year with us and just the next morning we find ourselves dewy-eyed, looking forward to the new beginnings that the new year promises. And how we welcome the new year! Every country, religion, and family have their own customs e.g., in Columbia people carry empty suitcases around the block, while in Spain people eat 12 grapes (and not one over or under) to celebrate the new year. Remember to not stand around windowsills in Denmark as its customary to throw plates and glasses out their windows to ward off bad spirits.


In my family we start to tell each other jokes right around midnight. The idea is to enter the new year laughing our hearts out and hopefully continuing through the entire year. I wish the same for all the beautiful souls reading this as it’s that time of the year again. The time to make new promises, to bring new hopes, and to see some new dreams. To give second chances and make fresh starts and to plan new adventures and make fresh memories. Such an exciting time!       


Enjoy the edition!


The Children's Post of India is a daily newspaper created by mothers for children. The ideal age group is 8 to 14 years old. Its a 4 page, print at home newspaper. 

If you are an institution (School, NGO, Activity center) working with children in this age group, please get in touch to get the paper and share with your students. Individuals can take the paper from here and share with their children.

This subscription licence is only for one child/family. Please do not use this subscription for redistribution in any form or format. 

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