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The Children's Post

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Today, we have: 

A. Lead News: You must have heard about the Omicron variant. What is it? A quick update on what we know so far. 

B. News: The chopper crash of CDS Bipin Rawat - why is it important?, and an update on the Word of the year 2021. Help us choose! 

C. Your page - poetry by Harshika Udasi and Kavi Bharathy, Craft by Vedica Gupta and Art by Devanshu Acharya 

D. Let's Understand - What is ordinance 

E. Veervar Vijeta - Last week's answers and winners, and this week's puzzle. A new type of puzzle this week - the reverse Crossword. Would you like to give it a shot? 

F. Sports news by Ishaan Kaila 

G. Colouring Fun for our young readers 

H. Perception Bias by Nidhi Arora 

Enjoy the edition. 


Nidhi aunty 

The Children's Post of India is a daily newspaper created by mothers for children. The ideal age group is 8 to 14 years old. Its a 4 page, print at home newspaper. 

If you are an institution (School, NGO, Activity center) working with children in this age group, please get in touch to get the paper and share with your students. Individuals can take the paper from here and share with their children.

This subscription licence is only for one child/family. Please do not use this subscription for redistribution in any form or format. 

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