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Hello dear readers,
Page 1- For a country's security and defense, it is important to keep updating and improving existing artillery systems. India tested the SMART system to enhance its anti-submarine warfare. Read about this in the main news story by Aryaa Sinha.
Australia and South Korea signed a new defense deal. This is the second news for today.
Page 2- Planet Venus, its link to mythology, its discovery. Read about this in the feature by Sunil Behera.
Page 3- Today we learn about the Chidambaram Nataraja Temple in the Temple of India series.
Wednesday Champs..congratulations. Try and answer today's question.
Page 4- Artwork sent in by Shabana, tongues twister for the week, colouring fun for our junior readers.
Hockey news in the sports section.
Happy Reading:)

The Children's Post of India is a daily newspaper created by mothers for children. The ideal age group is 8 to 14 years old. Its a 4 page, print at home newspaper. 

If you are an institution (School, NGO, Activity center) working with children in this age group, please get in touch to get the paper and share with your students. Individuals can take the paper from here and share with their children.

This subscription licence is only for one child/family. Please do not use this subscription for redistribution in any form or format. 

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