Effortless User Retention with Readwhere MCMS Firebase User Prediction

Are you still using the traditional techniques like exporting user’s behaviour tracking data along with ML techniques?

If yes, then by the end of this blog you’ll have a cool way to predict your user behaviour and prevent them from leaving your site. 

The best way to take care of the analytics of your mobile apps is to choose Firebase User Predictions. 

What is a Firebase User Prediction?

It is a machine learning product that allows you to smartly segment your users depending on predictions made for previously collected data. Without requiring anyone to have ML expertise in your app team, you can predict the future behaviour of the users. Predictions are always good to keep a track of whether the user chooses to return to the app or not. A different set of predictions are created using certain auto/manual events. Based on that, the Machine Learning module predicts the user behaviour.

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What are Churn and Spend in Firebase prediction?

Prediction behaviours like ‘churn’ and ‘spend’ play a key role in the entire job of user retention process. To put in simple words, churn refers to the likelihood of the user to not come back to your app or stop using it altogether. On the other hand, spend denotes the likelihood of users to make an in-app purchase. While spend prediction can be considered as a positive prediction, one needs to take into account the steps to be taken after a churn prediction. If there seems to be a possibility that the user might not return or uninstall the app, required measures can be taken to retain the users.

What does Firebase User Prediction offer?

Let’s take a quick look at the top 6 benefits of using Firebase User Predictions.

1. Interactions: The firebase user predictions help in predicting the behaviour of the user along with the interactions.

2. Easy usage: It is not necessary for anyone to be well-versed in Machine Learning for generating predictions and user groups. Few simple steps can get your work done.

3. Customization: Based on the predicted behaviour, you can provide customization and personalization that suit the users.

4. User Retention: Sending personalized notifications to increase user retention.

5. Identify interactions: Generating customer predictions to identify specific interactions done by the users.

6. Adjust risk- tolerance: Based on the size and significance of the group, you can adjust the risk- tolerance. When the risk- tolerance increases, the accuracy of predictions decrease.

Based on the size and significance of the group, you can adjust the risk- tolerance. When the risk- tolerance increases, the accuracy of predictions decrease.

How much time does it take to create a custom prediction?

Creating any custom prediction takes on an average of 24 hours to create one custom prediction. If you haven’t been active for at least 100 days, it can take more than 24 hours as well.

How can firebase predictions with Readwhere Mobile CMS be beneficial for your business?

If you think that your app performance is totally your responsibility, you can always get some help from MCMS. It is not just limited till basic optimization, but also offer cool features, guide you with trending updates and many more.

With Firebase User Predictions by Readwhere Mobile CMS, here is what you can achieve for your app.

1. Promoting trending content easily

Once predicted that the user is willing to share content like news articles further, you can pop up trending news articles on their screens asking them to share further. 


2. Additional perks of sharing articles:

Wish to make article sharing more beneficial? Simply place an ad banner at the top or bottom of the page and gain some more revenue additionally.


3. Digital news consumption

Due to the pandemic outbreak and the fall in print media, several users are coming to the news apps. However, many of them might switch back to print media once things go fine. Depending on the churn predictions, you can lure the users with new features using notifications and in-app pop up which are comparatively used less frequently by the user.


4. Personalised Feedback

Once the user is engaged in consuming content in the form of stories, you can focus on collecting feedback from them with the help of a pop-up form. This can be done after making a prediction about whether the user will spend more time or not. Else the feedback can be shown after a certain number of stories are read by the users. Furthermore, the manual and prediction based feedback can be compared to choose the better one.

If you think that the firebase user predictions work best only for news sites then don’t worry. If you have a gaming app or an educational app, you can guarantee user retention with firebase user prediction. We at Readwhere are always happy to help you!

If you have any queries, please drop an email at helpdesk@readwhere.com

Happy Predicting!