Administrative Change and Innovation in India

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Administrative Change and Innovation in India

Administrative Change and Innovation in India

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The role of public administration in governance is a continuing topic of discussion and debate. The current worldwide reassessment of the functions of the State and of public officials and civil servants arises from two major sources: one is globalization and its impacts on what governments must do to adapt and respond to rapidly changing international economic, social, political and technological trends; the other is increasing dissatisfaction among citizens in many countries with the functions of government and the services that public administrations provide. Globalization is the movement toward greater interaction, integration, and interdependence among people and organizations across national borders – is increasing transactions among countries in trade and investment and in the international flows of capital, people, technology, and information. It is evident in the growing levels of international political interaction and widespread social and cultural interchange that have occurred over the past quarter of a century. This text is a one-stop resource for all researchers, teachers, and students involved in this crucial area of study.