Educational Philosophy of Tilak and Gandhi
Educational Philosophy of Tilak and Gandhi

Educational Philosophy of Tilak and Gandhi

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Philosophy is the basis of education. Philosophy is indispensable for every aspect of education. There is need for Philosophy in every aspect of education. In the absence of philosophical foundations, education becomes irrelevant, meaningless, lifeless and colourless. Education is the dynamic side of Philosophy. It is quite appropriate to quote Rusk “from every angle of educational problem comes thus the demand for a philosophical basis of the subject. There is no escape from Philosophy of life and education” The art of education would never attain complete clearness in itself without Philosophy. Both Philosophy and education are independent. Education without Philosophy is blind and Philosophy without education is invalid. Education has been one small aspect of Lokmanya Tilak’s contribution to Indian Social Life. There are different sides to Tilak’s life of which the most prominent is his political contribution. However, he was not only a political leader but also a great scholar and a journalist. He illuminated every subject he took up. It is necessary to study how Tilak’s mind was moulded and how and why later on he took this decision to become a teacher. The book provides the students current information on the different areas of this subject. The publication is useful not only to the students but also to the research scholars and academic professionals.