New Concept in Crime Psychology

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New Concept in Crime Psychology

New Concept in Crime Psychology

  • Psychology
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The concept of criminal psychology can be said to have existed as early as biblical times, when people believed that criminals could be recognized by certain physical characteristics. One of the earliest criminal psychologists was Cesare Lomborso, who wrote a book in 1896 entitled “Criminal Man. In Criminal Man, Lomborso” that discusses the practice of criminal psychology and the importance of things like cranium size, emotions, jargon, tattoos, and religion in understanding criminals and criminal behaviour. Criminal psychology gained popularity in 1943 when psychologist Walter C. Langer was asked by the Office of Strategic Services to draft a psychological profile of Adolf Hitler. The profile, which ended up a 281-page report, was to be used to gain a deeper understanding of Hitler and to serve as a guide for future dealings with the man. Criminal Profiling is the process of inferring the personality traits of an individual who committed a criminal act. This book offers a comprehensive description of the applications of various fields in this subject. The book will be appropriate as a guide for students.