New Trends in Teaching English

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New Trends in Teaching English

New Trends in Teaching English

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The field of language education is changing at an ever-increasing rate. Traditional notions of education are giving way to newer, more innovative ways of thinking about how we learn, teach and acquire knowledge. Teacher burnout is a sad phenomenon that is affecting the teaching profession in a variety of ways. Educational leaders must endeavour to improve the conditions under which teachers work, strive to retain excellent teachers and continually seek ways to celebrate and appreciate them. Tremendous cutbacks have affected education in the last 25 years. Today’s students do not remember a time before those cutbacks. They do, however, remain hungry for motivation, inspiration and guidance. Students do not care that their teachers have a big pile of corrections on their desk. Nor do they care that their teachers are overworked and underpaid, or that language programs are the underdog of the institution. Complaining about it makes teachers, that is to say those who are charged with the professional responsibility to be their mentors, look stuffy and jaded. Whiners do not inspire others or mobilize them to act. Leading by example is, more than ever, the job of a teacher in the twenty first century. Language labs went out with the 20th century. The present book has been designed to outline the basic and fundamental aspects of this subject to be understood in its right perspective. The book uses straight forward, less-technical jargon and manages to introduce each chapter with a basic concept, which ultimately evolves into a more specific detailed principle.