Rural Development through Community

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Rural Development through Community

Rural Development through Community

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Rural community development is important in developing countries where a large part of the population is engaged in farming. Consequently, a range of community development methods have been created and used by organisations involved in international development. Most of these efforts to promote rural community development are led by ‘experts’ from outside the community such as government officials, staff of Non-governmental organizations and foreign advisers. This has led to a long debate about the issue of participation, in which questions have been raised about the sustainability of these efforts and the extent to which rural people are - or are not – being empowered to make decisions for themselves. India is basically a country of the village. Rural people of this country are poor and conservative. If India has to make real progress, this Rural Society has to progress. It means that the rural people have to be educated, make conscious of the new development of the society and also encouraged to take to various types of new methods of forming Community Development project is intended at rural reconstruction and development of the rural life. The present book deals with all the important dimensions of this subject. It is a valuable reference source for all those concerned with this subject.