Mai Hu Kisan_2017
Mai Hu Kisan_2017

Mai Hu Kisan_2017

  • Mai Hu Kisan_May 2017
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The equal job opportunity for both men’s and women’s is need. In the rural area the percentage of women’s jobs is very low in compare to men’s and they also not get enough pay for work. The equal distribution of payment is also problem in rural area. The womens have done lots of work from home to work ground but according to their capabilities she got less payment


·         Tulsi, gudhal, bhrangraj, patherchur: important medicinal plant cultivation

·         Groundnut benefits

·         Innovation and technology involvement in organic farming

·         Bhungru farming in gujrat

·         Kheera cultivation

·         Stevia: cultivation and trading

·         Vermicomposting use full for farming

This magazine is target the direct problems of farmers. it provide all informatation for crops which is essential for farmer point of view. Farmer can choose crop according to their land and markets aspects. They get informatation for goverment schemes and what are the requirments of land/ soil is also given.