Mai Hu Kisan_2017
Mai Hu Kisan_2017

Mai Hu Kisan_2017

  • Maihukisan_August 2017
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  • Issues 7
  • Language - Hindi
  • Published monthly
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The milk of Indian breed cows is more powerful energy giving source according to ayurved. Many medicinal importances are reported in literature about milk. It’s full of nutrition value and digestible to new infant baby. Womens empowerment is one of the major task to develop country as more economical mature.

 Highlights are

·         Indian breed cow milk super value and important diet supplement

·         To promote Indian cows

·         For development in dairy industries government have policies

·         Exhibition of SHG group products

·         Sonamukhi, kalihari, vanilla: benefits

·         Cold storage

·         Harmful effects of chemically synthesized vegetables and fruit

·         Farmer in clutches of insurance company

·         At Pinjerpool goshala establishment of organic park

This magazine is target the direct problems of farmers. it provide all informatation for crops which is essential for farmer point of view. Farmer can choose crop according to their land and markets aspects. They get informatation for goverment schemes and what are the requirments of land/ soil is also given.