Mai Hu Kisan_2017
Mai Hu Kisan_2017

Mai Hu Kisan_2017

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  • Issues 7
  • Language - Hindi
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With the use of technology we can make better agriculture facilities, which are easy to implement, low cost, and give better income to farmers. With the use scientific approach we can increase nutrional aspects of crop. The technology also help to spread knowledge about market aspects of crop, which crop has more beneficial, how they get rid of pest insect in natural way.


·         The budget increases for agriculture

·         Organic farming give economic support to farmers

·         How to manage supplychain

·         Irrigation methods

·         Krishi clinc and krisihi business

·         Safed musali, nagar podha, sarpgandha, gokhru, tulsi: medicinal properties

This magazine is target the direct problems of farmers. it provide all informatation for crops which is essential for farmer point of view. Farmer can choose crop according to their land and markets aspects. They get informatation for goverment schemes and what are the requirments of land/ soil is also given.