If Content is King then Site Optimization is Queen: Webinar by Team Readwhere

Content and Site Optimization

“Content is King”- A famous statement by Bill Gates describes the internet as a marketplace for content. Being a part of the publishing industry, we have heard this several times and understand its worth to the fullest. Over the years, content creation and distribution has evolved in such a way that it has become a part of our day to day lives. Internet and content is the irreplaceable pair for consumers of all age groups now. Along with this, comes the competing edge where everyone is trying hard to sell their content to the masses efficiently. That’s where you need to worry about your site optimization.

This is where we need to understand, If Content is King then Site Optimization is Queen. Your unique content might not perform as expected if you don’t pay attention to site optimization. As a publisher, missing out on even a single chance of improvising may cost you some loyal readers. That’s a huge price to pay, isn’t it?

If you aren’t aware of the best practices of site optimization, you have landed at a relevant and helpful piece of content! Team Readwhere presents an insightful webinar on understanding how the dynamic duo of content and site optimization will keep you ahead in the competition in 2021.

Let’s dive in!

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Immersive Content Creation

Content is essential but immersive content is intriguing. A piece of content will get more views when it includes attractive factors that catch the reader’s attention. Still confused about how to get started? There are several tools like Canva, Storyz, Giphy, Enlight App and more.

Learn the best ways for immersive content creation here

Work on your site optimization with the coolest Immersive Content Creation hacks!

Fonts & Icons for Site Optimization

If you think fonts and icons don’t need special attention, you are highly mistaken. Your font selection plays a key role in user engagement. Never forget to optimize your font such that it ensures longer sessions by readers. To make design work and look attractive, you will need more than one font. Always select fonts that compliment each other. Make the most of the perfect font-weight to convey your information. 

Along with fonts, choosing icons brings more relevance to your content. Here are some tips to take care of while choosing icons:

  1. Use icons to your relevant subject.
  2. Reflect your branding and style.
  3. Think about the number of icons you’ll need.
  4. Consider size and editability while choosing icons.

Web Stories for Content Creators

One of the coolest and trending ways to engage users is by creating web stories. The visual and immersive web stories are widely used and appreciated by users. Along with the best visual content and storytelling capabilities of these stories carousels, you can stay connected with your readers all the time. Here are some perks of hosting your own web stories.

  1. Complete Control including how to monetize and how long the story stays online is up to you.
  2. As the stories can command every pixel, your brand will be visible the way you want to show it.
  3. Web Stories allow you to feature full-screen video, photos, and audio, seamlessly.
  4. Stories are easy to share and embed. In addition, you can always link out to your other content.

Always remember that an appealing story can do wonders. Focus on various factors such as being video-first, concise, legibility and perspective driven approach.

Keywords and Tags for site optimization:

Relevant keywords are essential for better search results and google rankings. Firstly, explore what the world is looking for! In addition, use Google Trends to come up with the most searched keywords, develop your keyword plan and start creating valuable content. Search for specific keywords that meet your SEO purpose. Along with the keywords, focus on AI-based tags like Google Natural Language Processing (NLP). These entities and keywords are used inside metadata and schema data for enhancing search reach. 

Take a look at the most effective keyword selection techniques to drive more traffic to your site.

Onpage SEO optimization

Take a look at some of the most effective and irreplaceable on-page SEO techniques that you must take care of:

  1. Begin your title tag with the focused keyword
  2. Leverage SEO friendly URLs including keywords
  3. Add modifiers to your titles
  4. Spread Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords into your posts
  5. Optimize your images including target keywords in the image file names and image alt text.
  6. Always mention your keywords in the first 100 words
  7. Don’t forget to include outbound as well as internal links

Must have for Site Optimization

  1. Being AMP ready- Ensure that you make the most of this open-source tool to build your website and ads. Subsequently, focus on engaging users with beautiful, fast and high- performing ads across devices.
  2. Perform better with Progressive Web Apps(PWA)- Leverage the features of PWA like offline reading, add to the home screen and push notifications.
  3. Be Google News Ready- Publish on the biggest platform for news to reach out a maximum number of people and grow exponentially.
  4. Don’t miss out Fact Check- Get all the vetted reporting around major news events with Fact Check tags on articles.

User Loyalty comes with site optimization and great content

The ultimate goal is converting casual readers into loyal users. In the end, a loyal reader brings more engagement which further generates more revenue. Take care of the listed points to ensure and increase user loyalty. 

  1. Recirculation Strategy– Along with more number of users, you also need to focus on longer visits. As the user’s visit depth is a prime indicator of engagement and user loyalty, a recirculation strategy is mandatory. Along with this, as the attention span on mobile devices is limited, ensure that you’re maximizing your chances to get the readers to the next article.
  2. Faster Mobile Site– Do you know 50% of the readers leave a page if the site doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Scary, isn’t it? You need to focus on increasing the page speed for mobile devices. After all, you don’t want to get your unique and engaging content go in vain due to slow loading pages. Focus on developing a faster mobile site.
  3. More users on the videos– Visual content is always appealing to all sorts of audiences. Movement, sound and animations included in videos with a concept can do wonders like nothing else. Moreover, users spend 88% more time on a website that has videos. Get creative now!
  4. Collect readers feedback– Along with content, the customer is also the king. A happy reader will keep coming back to your site. Most importantly, in order to achieve this, you should gather real-time feedback which will ultimately help you optimize better. Utilize the Google Analytics and Google surveys to analyse and know from the readers to work on your reader revenue strategy.

We are sure you have learnt a lot about site optimization, its importance and implementation for your business. With these tips and hacks, you can get more traffic and revenue on your site. All you need to do is be consistent and a bit patient. If you think so much of the information at once is overwhelming, you can always come back and learn again.

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