Easy Development of Smart TV Apps for News Publishing Sites

Why can’t news channels and news websites ignore Smart TV apps?  

TV and the Internet are the two things we all love. With the growing popularity of news on the internet, the way of content consumption is changing. Do you remember those days when we had a specific set of channels and everyone in the family had to cooperate during their TV time?

The scenario is totally different in today’s era. With the availability of streaming content available for viewers of every age, the ‘On Demand’ content is highly preferred rather than the linear way. Smart TV is a trump card that gives you the best experience on a large screen in an efficient way.

Smart Tv is your trump card for growth

Here are some stats you need to know before getting your Smart TV app.  There has been tremendous growth In India for Smart TV sales. As compared to 2018, 15% more sales with over 15 million units were shipped in 2019. Samsung and Xiaomi are the leaders in the budget smart tv segment for the buyers, smart tv market world over is expected to grow with CAGR of over 16.5% for 2020-2025.

Image Source: Counterpoint Technology Market Research and Business Today

The smart TV sales in India depends highly on 2 major factors.

  1. Availability of low-cost broadband
  2. Increase in popularity of OTT platforms like Netflix, Prime, Disney Hotstar.

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Early adopter opportunities

The smart TV app is dominated by a few big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime. However, this space is still relatively new and has great potential for news publishers. By having smart apps installed on user’s smart tv, publishers have the opportunity to go shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Netflix, Hotstar, Prime, Spotify.

Perks of having Smart TV apps for News Publishers

Increased Outreach: Not everyone consumes news content the traditional way and not everyone gets the best news updates on the smart tv. By building a smart TV app for your website, you can hit a new target audience, connect with them and increase your outreach.

More engagement with personalised content: The best benefit of having a smart TV app is working on user retention and engagement. Tracking the type of content consumed by the user and suggesting that type of content upfront is one superpower that smart tv apps can give you. With this, the user doesn’t have to navigate much through the app. Users always prefer sources where their choice of content is easily available.

Additional Monetization platform: With a lean back and enjoyable experience for the users, adding one more source of delivering news content works well for the publishers. With the increasing demand for Smart TV and the rising number of publishers getting inclined towards Smart TV apps, the monetization just gets better. More platforms, more users, more content consumption, more money!

Smart Tv app general principles and design guidelines

The way you consume content varies across devices. The television user interface is different from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop. If you wish to get started with your Smart TV app, here are some guidelines that you should be aware of:

10-foot-UI: Users generally watch TV from 10 feet or away. So, banners, the text should be visible from 10 feet.

Colour: Smart TV screen has a higher contrast than computers that can make the colour more saturated. Use less saturated colours like blue, purple, grey rather than high saturated colours like red, orange.

Typography: Television screen can be read from any corner of the room. Use larger type sizes for body text, at least 14sp.

Place important content on top: Most important content should be on the top. For news channel app, Live Tv is more important than shows episodes.

Deliver content fast: User when sitting in front of the TV, he/she wants to watch content right then and now. Content should be available really fast.

Easy navigation and search: Navigation in the app should be minimalistic. Search option is must have to get the desired content.

Get your Smart TV App ready with Readwhere

With all the listed facts about Smart TV apps and the perks of having it, we hope you are convinced to get the app designed for your news site as well. Readwhere Mobile CMS is one platform that helps publishers in delivering rich content and higher engagement with their unique features. Get your Smart TV App designed by Readwhere MCMS and boost your business.

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