News For Me Screen- Latest Feature by Readwhere CMS

App personalization is one way to keep the readers engaged for a long time. It helps the readers in getting a customized feel while scrolling through the news feed. Readwhere CMS comes up with various features to provide a better user experience to all the newsreaders. Did you check out the latest feature yet?

If not, here is something you need to know about the importance of personalized content. Several users tend to uninstall an app that doesn’t provide personalization for user convenience.  With countless apps distributing news updates for every minute, users are no more looking for news only. They need more user-friendly and customized experience while scrolling, reading and sharing news updates.

Considering this, Readwhere CMS has developed a new feature for app users.

Latest Feature- News For Me Screen

As the name itself suggests, the News for Me Screen will keep the user’s experience as a priority while using the app.

For the latest feature, ‘News For Me’, users can visit the same from banner/ toolbar/ sidebar.

The screen showcases personalized content as per the preference of the user. It comes up with premium features. It includes weather card for current and future predicting weather updates. Further, It also includes horoscope updates and ‘My Feed’ section for user-specific content updates.

How does the News For Me Screen work?

Firstly, the personalized configuration for readers is made possible with the help of firebase custom audiences and remote configuration.

Further, it creates a firebase custom audience for each category.

After attaching each custom device to the remote config parameter, it proceeds further. After checking this parameter in the app, it creates a personalized category section for each device belonging to every user.

Check out Readwhere CMS and get your apps personalized

In conclusion, the News for Me Screen takes complete care of providing personalized behaviour to the users.

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