Top 6 Ads strategies to efficiently improve Adsense Revenue

If you are interested in knowing more about making money from Google Adsense by implementing some simple strategies, this post is exclusively for you. We will discuss some of the best features in the latest version of Adsense that can help the publishers grow and optimize their revenue.

Let us take a look at some of the best ads strategies to improve your Adsense Revenue effectively.

Auto Optimize:

At times, the ad creation and optimization can be a complex and time-consuming affair for advertisers. With Auto Optimize, you can allow Google to run experiments on your ad formats and work through any scope of improvement that is possible. Once the experiment finishes, you will be notified of the same. Auto Optimize gives you the freedom to look at an ad with a different and better perspective. 

If you’d like to review the results of the experiments first, you can also choose to apply improvements manually. If you don’t find the changes suitable, you can always undo them. To obtain better performance, sizing, placement and format of the ad are optimized. The benefits of Auto Optimization include:

  1. Increased Revenue Potential
  2. Saves your time

Async Ads:

Asynchronous Ad Code is the ultimate way to deal with web latency and offer a better user experience to the visitors of your site. This feature is readily available in your Adsense account. It allows the page content to load without getting held up by ad serving. You need to replace the existing ad code in the applicable units with the asynchronous ad code and enjoy more visitors on your site who will choose to spend more time due to the fast loading content. 

Full-Width Ads:

Setting up and optimizing ads as per the convenience of users can be a tricky task at times. As several users make the most of mobile devices for content consumption, the concept of Full-Width ads is an efficient way to attract them. These ads are specifically designed for mobile devices. They automatically expand and utilize the full width of the user’s screen when the device is held vertically. You need to add a code snippet to some of your ad units to make them full-width on mobile devices in portrait mode. The benefits of full-width ads include:

  1. Better performance on mobile devices
  2. Increased Revenue Potential
  3. Better-looking mobile ads

Responsive Ads:

While full-width ads are mobile device specific, Responsive Ads are suitable for both mobile and desktop. The responsive ads respond based on the size of the screen. Let’s say you have a sticky ad on the right or left side of the screen; a responsive ad will adjust itself based on the user screen size. These ads can match the tone and feel of the website they show on. These ads are beneficial in terms of:

  1.  Broader Reach
  2.  Better Viewability
  3.  Better opportunity to increase revenue
  4. Useful for dynamic remarketing

Ad placement & appearance:

Everything that looks good is more likely to grab the attention of the visitors. Ensure that the placement, look and feel of the ad is taken care of with regards to the standard practices. It can be a significant factor in obtaining low or high CTR. In terms of ad placement, it is a good practice to place the Adsense ads around the content and above the fold as above the fold ads perform better than below the fold ads. 

Ads that go well with the website palette creates a good impact. It is recommended to choose a matching colour with your website. You can also configure the Adsense ads with infeed natives or in article natives to choose a suitable colour of the background that makes your ad go hand in hand with the website colour.


Write niche content:

Content will always remain the king. When you publish more and more content with quality keywords, it improves the discovery for search engines and generates more traffic. More users are likely to visit and read your content when you have a lot to serve. Hence, invest time in keyword analysis and increase the frequency of posting content on your site to offer variety and obtain revenue.

Along with this always ensure that ad units are in hot spots where they can be seen easily by visitors. Avoid ad blindness by placing ads where the user is focusing on the content. Always make sure you check which ads units are performing well or not. Furthermore, you can choose to switch from text + display to only display ads. Thus, you can always go for image only ads for improving CPM after complete analysis.