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Images Retail

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Shopping is all about the personal, and varied, choices of every

individual. Everyone wants to look diff erent and therefore people shop

for diverse products to avoid repetition. And retailers are using every

innovative technology possible to off er new ways to shop both online

and in-store.

Improving supply chain effi ciency, reducing costs and personalising

shopping experiences – Artifi cial Intelligence (AI) technologies allow

retailers to better serve their customers in every way possible.

According to an IBM survey in 2019, humans will continue partnering

with AI to improve customer experience and business processes in the

retail industry. Th e survey also says that from supply chain planning (85

percent) and demand forecasting (85 percent), to customer intelligence

(79 percent), AI will work towards revolutionising retail.

Th e bottom line: AI, AR, VR, IoT – this is what the future of retail looks

like. Keeping the future in its sights, IMAGES Retail’s April issue brings

readers an analysis of how the AI approach helps consumers discover

the right products. Th ese technologies focus on how to capture the

shoppers’ intent and convert it into a purchase.

Th ese changes will take place behind the scenes and in store, but

another tech storm which is brewing is at the retail checkout counter.

Th e April edition features an analysis on the importance of quick

checkouts, to ensure you don’t lose a customer at the last leg of his

journey through your store.

Finally, the issue brings readers a round-up of IMAGES Group’s

fl agship fashion retail event, India Fashion Forum 2019, which was held

on March 27 and 28 in Mumbai. Th e triumphant event was another

feather in IMAGES Group’s cap. We thank those who attended the event,

but for those who couldn’t make it, we bring you notable insights –

theme, session highlights and awards – from the thinkers and futurists of

the Indian Fashion Retail industry who attended it.

As always, we hope you fi nd this issue informed and benefi cial.

The largest read magazine in the Indian retail industry, ‘IMAGES Retail’ is a comprehensive and authoritative one-stop information resource for the top and middle level retail professionals. A powerful catalyst for the profitable growth of the Indian retail industry, Images Retail covers the entire gamut of retail operations in India addressing key issues such as investments and opportunities in retailing, innovation in formats, store design & VM, merchandising, real estate, IT, supply chain & logistics, CRM and analytical reports backed by in-depth market & consumer research.