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Images Retail

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2018 is drawing to a close. Th is is the year which saw Indian retail

emerging as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries in

the country due to the entry of several new players. Th e year has been

lively, with the Indian Retail Industry growing at a CAGR of 13 percent

to reach US $950 Billion. Moreover, the industry was at its peak as

far as technology was concerned. Humanoid Intelligence, Artifi cial

Intelligence, Bots, Cloud, Data, Magic Mirrors, Beacons … every day

there are additions to the list of new technologies in the retail industry.

While replacing manpower with technology is not a new concept in

retail, the human touch of the business cannot be completely ignored.

People have always been the appeal of the retail industry. Every shopper

wants special treatment in a store. Th ey want to talk to retail associates

who are attentive and well-informed about the product, while helping

them choose what suits their requirements the most.

Th e cover story of the December issue will walk readers through

creating a balance between technologies and human beings – an

equilibrium which will ultimately help retailers achieve higher levels

of customer satisfaction. Apart from retail expert views, there is also

a detailed report on what companies are doing to ensure friendly HR

policies for their employees to bring down attrition rates.

Th e issue also brings readers a special feature on Retail Employees’

Day (RED), focusing on retail associates – the real brand ambassadors

– who help businesses grow. In an exclusive interview, BS Nagesh,

Founder, TRRAIN and the man behind RED talks about the initiative,

conceptualisation and popularity of the day.

In our year-ender section, we bring you a curated list of some of the

top fashion brands that debuted in India in 2018.

As always, we hope you fi nd this issue informed and benefi cial. We

look forward to renewing our relationship with you in the coming year.

We welcome 2019 and hope it brings with a plethora of new ideas,

concepts, technology and innovations for the retail industry globally and

India. Do log on to our website, to read great

features and analyses of the industry.

The largest read magazine in the Indian retail industry, ‘IMAGES Retail’ is a comprehensive and authoritative one-stop information resource for the top and middle level retail professionals. A powerful catalyst for the profitable growth of the Indian retail industry, Images Retail covers the entire gamut of retail operations in India addressing key issues such as investments and opportunities in retailing, innovation in formats, store design & VM, merchandising, real estate, IT, supply chain & logistics, CRM and analytical reports backed by in-depth market & consumer research.