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Images Retail

Images Retail

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Th e East Indian Retail Industry is on a growth trajectory. To a market

strategist, East is undoubtedly an ideal location for the growth of the

retail industry. Besides being the principal retail-and-services market

to a vast hinterland, there are cities which can serve as a center of trade

and commerce for the region.

East’s proximity to Bangladesh, a country of 13 crore+ consumers,

and to the South-East Asian markets is spelling boom time for the

region as is its large, aspirational, middle class population with access

to increasing disposable income. Th is, as well as high speed Internet,

increasing exposure to technology and the shooting popularity of social

media has opened unprecedented opportunities for the retail industry

in the East.

In the March 2019 issue of IMAGES Retail, we bring you a complete

study of this fast emerging as a vibrant business center. Th e cover story

analyses change in consumer income and demographic profi le, and

the role technological innovations, cultural shifts and social media play

in the growing standing of retail in the East on high streets and within


Th e issue also carries for its readers, a special feature on Blue Yonder,

A JDA Company. Th e article talks about how the company’s innovative

AI and ML solutions enable retailers, consumer products and other

companies to intelligently transform their operations and make more

profitable, automated business decisions that deliver higher profits and

optimized customer experiences.

Along with this, the issue brings you a feature on our upcoming

fl agship event, India Fashion Forum on March 27-28, 2019 in Mumbai.

Th e curtain raiser discusses the theme of the upcoming forum ‘Innovate

Th e Future of Fashion’ and takes an insightful look at what makes

fashion the most profi table segment for the Indian Retail Industry.

As always, we hope you fi nd the issued informed and benefi cial. We

look forward to seeing you in large numbers at the India Fashion Forum

2019 at Renaissance, Powai in Mumbai next week.

The largest read magazine in the Indian retail industry, ‘IMAGES Retail’ is a comprehensive and authoritative one-stop information resource for the top and middle level retail professionals. A powerful catalyst for the profitable growth of the Indian retail industry, Images Retail covers the entire gamut of retail operations in India addressing key issues such as investments and opportunities in retailing, innovation in formats, store design & VM, merchandising, real estate, IT, supply chain & logistics, CRM and analytical reports backed by in-depth market & consumer research.