Mai hu kisan
Mai hu kisan

Mai hu kisan

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On earth we have beautiful creature like cow of our mother land. Our body is made up of five things as soil, water, air, fire and sky when in body disturbance is present; our cow gives beautiful cure in form of dung. Cow milk is also full of important nutritious value. This was also discovered in the ancient age. Product of milk is very useful especially for children or new born baby. In ayruveda it was described as in cow body all Hindu mythodological devi devta were lived that’s why worship of cow is equal to worship of god.

In this patrika session we have discussed about

·         Indian breed cow’s importance their maintains, preservation and benefits

·         Dairy business, explains in briefly prospects and its set up unit.

·         How government polices help in establishment of dairy farm


Main hu kisan patrika presents all vital and valuable knowledge regarding agriculture and rural development. This patrika is devoted to current affairs in the field of agriculture. This patrika has latest update regarding news in agriculture.  How the farmers develop self confidence and their business ideas

Patrika published those data which is helpful for Indian farmer thinking and give them direction.

Further the patrika is available in hard copy or in bunches of year packing