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Mai hu kisan

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There is strength in unity. We have been hearing this sentence since our childhood. The power of this unity has been created by Dr. Atul Gupta through ORGANIC FARMER PRODUCER ASSOCIATION OF INDIA (OFPAI). When all the farmers will not use the chemicals together in agriculture and they will get the right information about the medicinal crops, then it is sure that the farmers will get direct benefits of it. There is a benefit of joining the organization, for this you can get information through our magazine or from our website. The highlights of our magazine for February are as follows.

·         Dadia village will become Rajasthan's organic village

·         A bright future for organic farming in the country

·         hahnemann charitable mission growing steps

·         Masala's Queen Turmeric

·         Crops in February


Main hu kisan patrika presents all vital and valuable knowledge regarding agriculture and rural development. This patrika is devoted to current affairs in the field of agriculture. This patrika has latest update regarding news in agriculture.  How the farmers develop self confidence and their business ideas

Patrika published those data which is helpful for Indian farmer thinking and give them direction.

Further the patrika is available in hard copy or in bunches of year packing